Sunday, October 5, 2008

So, the coolest thing just happened.....

Vanessa was bugging me to update my blog, so I was looking for things to write about. I decided that may be i will write about what happened this day (October 5th) in history. So, I typed "This day in history" into google, and a video popped up called *surprise* "This Day in History" (self-explanatory)

I was watching it when I saw GEORGE HARRISON! Then I spazzed. Then I spazzed some more when I saw the other Beatles pop up on screen a spilt-second later. "LOVE ME DO" was released this day in 1962! SWEET!

Yesterday was the three-year anniversary(sp?) of Mike Gibbins' death. :o[

RIP Michael Gibbins


Also, on this day in 1970 (a monday), Badfinger was playing in a concert at the South Dakota School of Mines.

This morning, I woke up with horrible neck pain, but it has been getting better ("all the time") as the day went on. But I still can't turn my head to the right O_o

I just learned something else......Pete's *Brrackets* Ham *Brrackets* nickname was PIGGY! That's so adorable! Why Piggy? I dunno.

I love George *Brrackets* Harrison *Brrackets* and his "Brrrackets"!

There is this video of John Lennon singing "Lady Marmalade" (just the French part....over and OVER again). It is so funny. I couldn;t help but wonder whether or not he knew what he was singing......
Today, I had to go to work (grocery store) and train to become a checker. You have to work on a computer simulation of a check-stand. It's interesting. I had to check the ID of this girl trying to buy beer, and she had the same b-day as Pete Ham! I was like "NO WAY!"
While I was doing that, "All Those Years Ago" *Brrackets* George Harrison song *Brrackets* and "Free as a Bird" came on!
Then I came home and ate some warm chilli. YUM!
Yea, so.......I should go now.....bye!


P.S.S (or is it P.P.S?)
My nickname is Pumbaa and Pumbaa is a warthog, and warthogs are related to Piggies *Brrackets* which happens to be a Beatle song by GEORGE! *Brrackets* EVERYTING IS INTERCONNECTED!!!! ME, PETE AND GEORGE WERE MEANT TO BE BFFS!
ok, this just goes to show that I need sleep.


Nessa said...

lol, wow. And yes, I am annoying, aren't I?

Was the girl actually old enough to buy the beer?

These questions will plague me as I try to sleep at night.


Talk 2 u 2 morro.

Peace && Luv,


Vanessa said...

I should be writing right now *brrrrrackets* which I kinda am*brrrrrrackets* but I'm bored.

I really just wanted to say brrrrackets.