Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random thoughts.....I have many

So, tonight I am especially hyper, and I have NO clue why. When I get hyper or unusually happy, I feel as though I can do everything I really want to do. It's sort of a bad thing because I'm only ever in those moods so often, but when I am in one of those moods, I raise my expectations of myself.

I really want to do many things like play guitar, sing, write songs, draw, college apps, school work, and other stuffz. But I can't do it all. I believe other people can, I'm just not that sort of person :o[

I always find myself doing useless things or facebook. I SHOULD be doin HW, playing guitar, practicing singing, or whatever, I just can't seem to commit myself to doing it. I think I can if I just tried harder. Meh. I procrastinate.

You know, I actually have to write a journal for my brit-lit class on ANYTHING I want to write about, and I've been stumped (and i've been procrastinating!). I think I'll print this out and paste it to my journal. YAY!

So, yea, I am still unusually happy. I really have no idea why. I just am :o]

I have this song in my head; it's a parody of Miley Cyrus's song "7 Things" by this kid who has a fake obsession with her. The song is about his cardboard cut-out of Miley, how he loves it, how he wants to meet the real Miley, and how his friends think he's crazy. It is so funny.

"You're fake!

You brake!

You are not real!

If only I had something to fe-el! (haha)

You are 2-d

With no backside,

You cost me quite a lot to buy!

My friends are jerks,

they make fun of us,

just know it hurts!

I wanna be with the real Miley!

And the 7 things I hate the most that you do!

You make cardboard look cute."

I love it. That kid is a genius.

By the way, the kid who made it, his name is Dave Days. He rocks.

Wow, my journal entry has just gone from sad, so insanely crazy. That's how I roll.

I also have the tendancy to get badfinger's No Matter What" stuck in my head, as well as everyone else's head. It's freakin awesome.

So...Peace...I love you all!

P.S. So, I was looking for a picture to share with you all, so I typed "Cute Pictures" into google, and this is what popped up.......?

The chipmunk it cute, but the fact it has giant spider legs.....well, it's a major detractor...

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Nessa said...

That thing is creepy!!!!

lol, I love that song too.