Saturday, October 11, 2008

All-nighter, Jam-butties, and Polygamy, oh my.


I was going to share my thoughts.....but, unfortunatly, I forget them all :o[

Just give me about 5 minuets.....I'll think of something.....

OH! Thought of something:

I'll talk about my all-nighter, and the following day! YAY!

So, Thursday was Yom Kippour, and school was closed for the day. You WOULD think that day would be enough for me to study for a science quest, write a college essay on Pete Ham, and do current events....But...Come on, this is me we are talking about- I can't prioritize for my life (or spell, for that matter....) I woke up at about 11:30, ate lunch and messed about on the computer for an hour or so, then I went to work (or attempted, atleast). I kept trying to study for science, but i was uncomfortable in my chair, so I moved to my bed and laid on my belly. You can pretty much guess what happened next.....Yep, face flat on my science book. I woke up about ten min later, deciding I was uncomfortable, so I placed my pillow over the book, and went back to sleep. Four hours later, I woke up again. It was six, and it was beautiful outside, so I took a walk. I love walks. So relaxing. And the sky was a beautiful mix of pink, blue, and purple. I loved it. Then, I decided that I should return home and finish school work. I was worried most about my Pete Ham college essay. It was actually an assignment for school, but you can use it as a future college essay.

I chose the prompt "If you could meet with any figure in tiime, who would it be and why? Describe your conversation. How has this person impacted you and your values?" Since I have done countless Beatle-related essays, I decided I would try Badfinger-specifically the wonderful Pete Ham.

So, since this was about Pete Hamo, I decided to tae my grand-old time because I wanted to get it right. I wanted to make sure I got every fact correct, and make sure my essay wasn't too informational. I wanted to make Pete proud :o] I wanted to make him seem as amazing as he appears to be from a fans point of view- introducing him to someone who has probably never even heard of his name before.

Well, I knew right away that I was oing to attempt an all-nighter. It was successful. The whole night, I did research on Pete Ham, listened to Badfinger music, and studied science off and on. I didn;t get to writing the thing until about 4:00 am....hehehehe.......

I actually had a rough draft for the paper that I had completed.....but, in this case, rough is an understatement. It sucked. It was so disorganized. I wanted to make a new one, but i figured that i had no time. So, I ifinished writing the draft at about 6:35 am......15 minutes before Emily picked me up for took forever to print out! MEH!

Anyway, for breakfast (I had it at about 6am), I made a Jam Butty (later, I told my friend Connie that I had a Jam Butty for breakfast, and she asked "Who's your jam BUDDY?" Completely serious. It was so funny. Love connie.). A Jam Buttie is a jam sandwich with butter, It is SO good. Very sweet. I was inspired by my Pete Ham research. I found this webpage on a Badfinger site with a Pic of Pete eating a Jam butty. It sure looked like he was enjoying it, so i said to meself "Hey! Why don't I make a jam butty? The directions are right here!" The directions were, indeed, right next to that picture. AND, it had this explanation above of it:

"Jam butties were, (and perhaps, still are) an important side story that helps our understanding of the complexity that surrounds the culinary wonders of the U.K., the Iveys and Badfinger... You are what you eat and what they ate inspired them to song... Or... something like that... "

It also emphasized that RASPBERRY jam MUST be used. MUST:

"One of life's enduring pleasures. An indulgence, elegant in its simplicity, glorious in its excess, the dentist's nemesis. The Jam Butty has a place in all our hearts. And none more so than those made with RASPBERRY jam.
If you are going to do jam, you might as well get it right, and that is Raspberry. The best available is usually made by your granny using her own home-grown rasps, those which have survived the picking process. Like, not being eaten two seconds after being picked. "


*ahem* anyway.....I enjoyed my jam butty :o]

So, my day at school:

The first person I saw that day was Emily. I told her my late-night/Jam Butty adventures as she drove the both of us to school. I wasn't exactly dead yet, but I knew it was going to happen soon, so I said that i was going to try coffee to keep me up. Well, we got to school a little later than usual, so we walked to the cafiteria, and went right to the coffee machine (my first real coffee). Em told me to use a LOT of cream and sugar (which i did). I thought I didn;t have enough time to get some because I thought I heard the bell, but Em reassured me that it wasn't. She FORCED me to get coffee against my will......the monster! JK. Thank you EM! It actually kept me going through the day! I filled my cup to the half-way mark, put two creams in, and three sugars, then chugged half of it. I didn;t know we were allowed to bring it to homeroom....I would have brought it, but i had no clue :o[ But, Em told me, so next time i pull an all-nighter, I will bring mah coffee to homeroom.

The rest of the day was unexpectedly good. The science quest was easy, i did my current events during option, and we went to an assembly for fourth period. Yes, good day. But i began dying from fatigue at the end of sixth period and onto sevent. But thankfully, I have guitar for 7th, so it was relaxed.

When I got home, I took a nap for a few hours. Then I woke up and took a walk. Then Vanessa called me and we talked about her football game. Poor girl. She and her friend are pissed at eachother because she wanted to leave, and her friend didn't. Ness is afraid that she will lose another friend (one of her friends was talking about her behind her back, so they lost touch). I don't think their friendship will fade at all. That is ONE strong friendship. I know. I've seen it. They will be friends forever. But, when they fight, It's like fighting fire with fire. They are both smart and they really stand their ground.

"True friendship never runs smooth" (Storm in a Teacup- The Iveys) The words are actullay "true love", but I think friendship sometimes works the same for some people. Not saying true friendship is ALWAYS shown by constant disagreements but some friends are like that. Just focus on the good times, girls.


Later that night, I decided to look up more Badfinger-y stuffz, and I came across this whole website corner about Pete Ham's childhood, written by a good friend of his, who happened to be his drummer in his early bands. They were really interesting stories. I sort of wish life back then was like life then. It was so different back then. It just seems so rewarding to have grown up at that time. All Pete had was his friends, family, and his guitar. And he was happy with that. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my computer, ipod, DVDs, CDs, and graphing calculator. I can't live without them. But the people who lived back then DID live without them. If I had to live on a desert island and take only one thing, I wouldn't be able to decide between my computer, ipod, guitar or cell phone (though a cell would probably be the best.....I should get an iphone so I wouldn't have this problem....)....But all Pete needed was his guitar. He took it everywhere. His friends father was watching the news and told the boys "Well, I dunno boys...It looks like you kids are going to have to enroll in then army and fight for your country." Pete's reply was something like "The only fighting I'm going to do is for my guitar." He is so awesome.

I always think about how cool it would have been to be a teen in the sixties. It would be so awesome. I would LOVE it. But i would miss my computer, ipod, cell, etc....But, then i would become a polygamist, marry all four Beatles, then all four Monkees, and finally all four Badfingers. yes.

Just kidding.

I'd just stalk them all.

Just kidding again.

Or am I???

I'll let you all ponder that thought.

Badfinger and Jam Butties

Don't even question this picture. I found it. And I thought it was funny.

Shut up. I can't help it if he is pinching their butts.

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