Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quite Frankly.....

I'm bored. I have things to do. I don't want to do any of them. 
- Summer reading- What the hell? Since this is the summer of my freshman year of college, I thought I would have atleast one summer without some sort of homework! Even though the book looks interesting, I still don't want to read it.
- Clean my room- Let's face it. Who likes to clean their room? I absolutely love my room when it's clean, but that's not enough. I need the proper motivation, which I more often then not lack.

Then, there are the things I want to do, but still don't have the motivation for even these potentially fun activities.
- Practice guitar- which I love. i'm just too lazy to lug those heavey cases out of their corner and over my stuff. Stil not enough motivation to get me to clean my room.
-Organize my wardrobe- I have WAY too many clothes for my own good. 
- Write songs- OH MY GOD, I NEED TO WRITE A SONG. It's difficult to explain why I never try. It's like....I'm afraid to fail on my first try (technically, my third or fourth- my legit first time was a FAIL that will haunt me to my retirement home). Stupid reason, huh?

I feel like there are other things, I just don't remember them.

So.......I haven't been on this thing for a while.....what have you missed.....a Boyfriend, senior class trip to disney, two senior proms, an ex-boyfriend, Graduation, a cruise, and....that's about it. Crazy, right?